2016 Goals: Fitness, Reading, Life

So I’ve decided to share my goals for 2016 in 3 categories: Fitness, Reading, and Life.

1. 9 min mile run
2. 5km in 30 min
3. Forearm handstand
4. Bridge (wheel pose)
5. Drink 100 oz/day
6. Cardio 3x a week
7. Weight training 4-5x a week
8. Track ALL food
9. Weigh 135-140 lbs
10. Take vitamins and supplements daily

So I’ve picked 3 different reading challenges:

* book to movie adaptation
I’m going to aim for 12 books withing this challenge.

* colour challenge
Read nine books in the following categories:
1.”Blue”¬†or any shade of Blue
2. “Red” or any shade of Red
3. “Yellow” or any shade of Yellow
4. “Green” or any shade of Green
5. “Brown” or any shade of Brown
6. A book with “Black”
7. A book with “White”
8. A book with any other color in the title/on the cover (Purple, Orange, Silver, Pink, Magneta, etc.).
9. A book with a word that implies color (Rainbow, Polka-dot, Plaid, Paisley, Stripe, etc.).

*52 books in 52 weeks
Well this one is self descriptive.   Any type/style of book counts.  The 21 books from the other challenges can count towards this one as well.

1. Blog regularily – I’m going to aim for 4-5 posts a week.
2. Stop the negative body image talk – I want to limit/stop talking so negatively towards my body.  It only makes me more depressed and causes me to myself and nothing I do feels like I’m doing enough.
3. Play video games – I love them but never make time for them.  I want to start making time.
4. Work on my PT and Nutrition courses – this means I have to renew my courses and actually buckle down and take them.
5. Reduce Debt and Save – easier said then done, but I’ll be starting a FT job in the new year so it’s possible to get my finances back in order.

That’s it for now.  I’ll review these at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months in.  If I achieve a goal I may adapt it or add  new one to help keep me accountable and have something to work towards.  I’m also going to try to find a race or two in the area.

What are your goals? Do you have categories or just a set of goals?

Happy New Years! ūüéČ



Fitmiss Bizzy Diet with a Twist: Wrap up

Oops I’ve fallen desperately behind on my blogging again.  So far that I didn’t even get a wrap up done for the Fitmiss Bizzy Diet I was doing.  That being said…

Starting Weight vs End Weight


Starting Weight:Nov 9


End Weight: Nov 29

Difference = -4 lbs, -0.8 bf%

Yes at one point I was down to 152 BUT for whatever reason I’ve always dropped weight right before my time of the month would start and then gain at the end of it. Not the huge difference that I was expecting from this diet. I would have LOVED to have been at or lower than 150 lbs and I may have been able to get their if I had done the extreme diet that had been expected. But I know I would have gained it all back once I started eating normally again.

Bust: 37″
Waist: 31″
Gut: 38″
Hips: 38.5″

Bust: 37″
Waist: 30″
Gut: 36″
Hips: 38″

Bust: 0
Waist: 1″
Gut: 2″
Hips: 0.5″
TOTAL: 3.5″

Not bad overall. I lost the most in my gut – bloat – which is where I have the most to loose. Again, would have been nice to have a bigger difference – but what can ya do.

Start and End Body Photos


Start Nov 9


Haha I really don’t see a difference between these shots.

Overall Thoughts
Well it got me back on track (temporarily) so that’s a plus. I felt better and had more energy. I didn’t feel clogged or drained from this diet. I don’t know if I would say the same if I followed it to the T but as I did it I didn’t mind it. There were days when my calories count was down in the 900s and other days where it was up in the 1200s. The higher days were workout days. I never felt hungry – it seemed to daul that sensation – and I never felt stuffed. There were days when I would miss fruit but really that was the only area I felt truly deprived. There were a lot of pills to take, and it wasn’t until the end that I realized I wasn’t taken enough of the “Tone” pills (CLAs).

The only time the cleanse was bad was after I had a bad day of eating. I would essentially be punished by my body the next day. Nothing to bad just more trips to the bathroom.

Overall, it is a good restart program and I’m sure others will have different results from me, but I’m happy with how it turned out. I will likely go back on this again in the New Year to sorta detox everything.

If you have all the supplements already (or willing to fork out the money for them) I’d highly recommend this. Otherwise the meal plan is simply a low cal, low carb diet.


Fitmiss Bizzy Diet: Day 16

So a quick update on the week so far…


Weight: 162.4 lbs -0.8 (change to date -5.9 lbs)
Bust:  37″
Waist: 30″ (-1″)
Gut: 36″ (-2″)
Hips: 38″ (-0.5″)
Body fat %: 31.1 (-1.1)


The scale finally move… not a lot but hey I’ll take anything lol.  I don’t know what to attribute this to.  The 2 days off the pills, 2 days or horrible diet, or what exactly.  Also, I lost 2.5″ overall.  A little off my Hips (better not be from my booty lol).  A little off my waist and a little off my gut!




Back and bi’s on Monday and chest and tri’s today.  The funny part (to be) was that on instagram I was told I was too strong in the first picture lol.  Well thank you fine sir I appreciate that my little muscles intimidate you lol ūüėā


I’ve decided to try a stregnth training only workout week.  Let’s see what that’ll bring me.

Since I didn’t share my chest and tri’s workout last week so I will today.

Chest and tri’s – 1 hr

Push up 3 x 12
Incline chest press 60 lbs 3 x 10
Assisted triceps dips 70 lbs 3 x 10
Cable chest fly 60 lbs 3 x 12
Cable tricep extension 40 lbs 3 x 12
Cable Incline chest fly 40 lbs 3 x 12
Cable rope press down 40 lbs 3 x 12
Bar chest press 30 lbs 3 x 15
Dumbbell tricep kickback 15 lbs/arm 3 x 12
Dumbbell chest fly 15 lbs/arm 3 x 12

The Day…
Nothing has really changed.  Foods the same.  Pills are the same except I found out I wasn’t take enough cla (tone) for it to prove beneficial.  So I have upped it from 1x at lunch to 3x at each large meal.  Other than that… nothing new.

Well honestly I’m just happy some of the numbers have gone down.  I’m also curious how the increase in cla and eliminating all cardio will effect the numbers as well.

So let’s just see what’s to come.


Fitmiss Bizzy Diet with a Twist: Week 2 Update

Ok as promised here’s the update from last week. 

My weight still haven’t moved.  I’m stuck at 153.2 lbs.  I worked out only 3 days this week ranging from 1 hr to 1 hour 30 minutes. Mostly weight training with one session Barre class and one session of running.  I felt weak and ill Thursday so I skipped my workout -attempting an ab workout that only lasted 10 minutes before feeling dizzy and weak.  Friday was a full day of work and honestly I just felt extremely lazy so I skipped  he gym again.  This weekend we went back to the house to get everthing set up for selling it (just small things like paint And moving more stuff out of the way). So obviously I managed to miss out on working out again.

So based on this and my horrible eating over the weekend I should be happy about not gaining anything, but oddly I’m still disappointed. I don’t know why I expected differently.  Wait yes I do.  After everything I read I expected the same results.  21 lbs in 21 days… why wouldn’t I be excited about that? Even just 13 lbs gets me down to my first goal weight of 140 so 21 would make me extatic (and down to 132 – almost goal #3).

So anyways, I thought maybe I needed to take a mini break from the supplements.  Thinking maybe this break will kickstart the weight loss again when I started again on Monday (today).  So we’ll see how all that goes. 

My problem is…. I seem to be thinking this supplement diet will be a miricle worker.  I’m not following the diet plan exactly and I’m probably focusing more on weight training than the plan would like, but I was REALLY hoping it would help lean me out a bit (ok a lot).  I’m not giving up, but I’m hoping this week will go better than the last one!

More updates to come ‚ėļ


Fitmiss Bizzy Diet with a Twist: Day 9 & 10

So I admit I’m a little behind on posting for the last couple days.  But to be honest with you, NOTHING has changed.  I’ve only lost a couple inches and the scale hasn’t moved from 153.2 lbs.  I haven’t changed my diet.  Really if anything I’ve only increase caloric intake by 100-200 but I’m working out for 1hr 30 min each day so that should put me in at a lower caloric balance than the previous week.  This is starting to make me think this is why no one posted beyond this point.  They’ve given up on it and either decided not to post repeat information OR has decided to give up on this diet all together.

I wish there was a macro guideline to this so I can tell if that’s where I’m going wrong.  The only carbs I’m truly taking in are veggies and my tsp of jam on my cottage cheese.  My fat and protein intake is fairly even.  I don’t know if my fat is up too high or not.  Last week I did have carbs and fat at equal level so maybe that is the key, but I was thinking with more exercise I would be better with a high protein/fat intake.  I’m starting to reevaluate this thinking again.  I’m starting to get discouraged again.  The scale isn’t moving – and I know that isn’t the way to measure success but my measurements aren’t moving either.  I’ll keep going, maybe making changes here and there tweaking things as I go, but there is no way I can survive lowering my caloric intake to under 900 just to make this work.

On a happy note, as I said I worked out this week and here’s so proof (besides the super soreness that I’ve been feeling the last few days) lol…



I’ll will do an end of the week update covering how I feel and what I’ve done and IF any of my numbers move. 

Until then… have fun and be fit lol

~ Heather

Fitmiss Bizzy Diet: Day 5, 6, & 7

So really this is a weekend wrap-up. ¬†I was super busy over the weekend so I didn’t get a chance to go on the computer for any length of time :S Sorry.


Weight: 166.5 lbs Down 3.3 lbs over the weekend (to date -5.1 lbs)
Bust:¬† 37″
Waist: 31″
Gut: 37″ (to date -1″)
Hips: 38.5″

Honestly the measurements have likely changed as well, but as I said earlier it was a very busy weekend and I wasn’t able to get most of those down :S ¬†I promise the next weight change will have measurements!


Sorry for the blurry picture… I was in a hurry that day trying to get ready to organize and move more of the old house – yes we’re still moving stuff (plans changed a bit so…). ¬†Anyways, that was the weekend pictures.

The Day…
As far as food goes, well I didn’t ¬†exactly eat on point. ¬†On Friday, I had overdone the protein in the morning and felt REALLY sick. ¬†I knew that meant I needed more carbs, so I ate pizza – which fit into my macros and had a ton of veggies (that makes it ok right :S ), but because we were driving 2 hours back to work on the house it meant I had to have handy on the¬†go kinda food – so more leftover pizza it was.

Saturday’s food was lacking – cottage cheese, protein shake, 1 slice of pizza (because I was about to kill someone for the lack of food), 1 Quest Bar, and 1 burger patty with cheese. ¬†Yup that’s it! ¬†I was low on calories that day, but closer to the diet’s food requirements.

Sunday, well that was a bad day. ¬†I had given up on trying to stay healthy while on the road and fixing the house. ¬†We stopped at A&W and I had a Mushroom Mozza Burger and hashbrown for breakfast, PC extra cheese Mac & Cheese dinners for lunch and same for dinner, oh and I had an O’Henry bar. ¬†So yeah, not on point at all!


Interestingly, my weight still moved (in the right direction) and I still feel relatively un-bloated. ¬†I was sadly dehydrated and felt like I was constantly trying to catch up with my water intake. ¬†On Sunday, I had the worst headache and back/neck ache that I’ve had in a while and there seemed to be no fixing it.

After eating the way I had, I had expected to have horrible moments on the toilet, but surprisingly that only happened on Friday (after Thursday’s pizza night I guess). ¬†I don’t know what’s to come, but with the horrible eating I’m kinda scared of the cleanse pills. ¬†This weekend coming up should be interesting as well, since we’re heading back to the house again to get it ready for selling – so that means more on the go food unless I can figure out what to bring with me, or we stop somewhere that at least has salad!

I’ve made a schedule and workout routine for this week, so I should be more on track for that. ¬†Honestly, I miss the gym and can’t wait to get back – even if it’s not the gym I wish I was going back to.

Until tomorrow.


Motivation Monday

There are many days when I just don’t want to go to the gym – a lot lately actually – and today is no different. ¬†The cats have woken me up again at 5 am – and unnecessary time to wake up, but I have to force myself to the gym anyway! ¬†In the end it’s for a better me! ¬†I can’t let me¬†hold me back!


Fitmiss Bizzy Diet with a Twist: Day 4

Alright, Day 4 here we come…


Weight: 166.5 lbs No Change (to date -1.8lbs)
Bust:¬† 37″
Waist: 31″
Gut: 37″ (to date -1″)
Hips: 38.5″

Alright, I’ll be honest. ¬†I quickly jumped on the scale, was slightly sadened that nothing had changes then went about my day. ¬†I didn’t measure because I didn’t have time and assumed no weight change no measurement change – which really makes sense right now since I haven’t been working out.

No pictures today since there was no change…

The Day…
5:50 am – woke up
6:00 am – took Thermoxyn (Fitmiss Burn substitute) with 16 oz water
8:00 am – 1 eggs, 1/2 Spouted Wheat English Muffin with peanut butter, 2% Cottage Cheese, 3 Fitmss Balance, 16 oz water
9:00 am -Tim Hortons Medium Tea, black
11:00 am – 1 scoop ISO whey chocolate protein Thermoxyn with 16 oz water
1:00 pm – tuna salad and spinach salad
5:00 pm – 2 slices The Works Pizza
9:30 pm – Cleanse with 16 oz water

Total water for the day: 110 oz

Cals & Macros
Yeah I had pizza but I made sure the rest of my day was on point. It fit into my macros well enough and my calories were close to ehat I’ve had them at all week. Surprisingly, after my second slice I was actually full! Typically, when I eat pizza and I’m as hungry as I was I’d eat 3 or 4 easily and only stop because otherwise it seems excessive. So that was nice to see lol.

Overall the day went fine. I was worried about having the caffeine in the morning, but it was so damp and raining and cool so I felt I needed a warm drink lol. I felt hungrier today than I did on Day 3 so that was interesting since I didn’t do anything differently. Other than that it’s been same in same out. My father-in-law came in for a visit and to fix a couple things at the house so I didn’t get to the gym after work… yup again not a good excuse but he had to get into the house and I helped find stuff for him while he was here so it kinda works as one lol

See you tomorrow.


Fitmiss Bizzy Diet with a Twist: Day 3

Sorry for the late post, but again my day was completely thrown off (more on that tomorrow). Day 3 went pretty smoothly… here’s the update:


Weight: 166.5 lbs (-1.8lbs)
Bust:¬† 37″
Waist: 31″
Gut: 37″ (-1″)
Hips: 38.5″

Wow I can’t believe in just one day I went down almost 2 lbs… yes yes I know this is mostly water and waste weight, but still. ¬†This also shows the unreliability of BF% readers on scales! ¬†I apparently increased my body fat (in 2 days) by 17%! ¬†So technically I went from 50.97 lbs of fat to 77.94 lbs of fat! ¬†Seriously!! I hate you scale! ¬†But like I said the first day, I’m more taking it just because I was curious how it would read through out this diet. ¬†Clearly, because I am drinking more (and therefore more hydrated) I am reading higher on the fat scale -_- . Well two can play at that game Sir Scale ūüėõ



Yay down goes the weight ūüėÄ


Sorry for the blurry pictures… I was hurrying to get them done before I was late, plus my battery was at 7% :O I was afraid it wouldn’t even take the pictures lol. I don’t see a HUGE difference, but clearly the 2 lbs came off in bloat on my stomach.

The Day…
5:00 am – woke up
6:00 am – took Thermoxyn (Fitmiss Burn substitute) with 16 oz water
8:30 am – 2 eggs, fried, 2% cottage cheese with no sugar added strawberry jame, 3 Fitmss Balance, 16 oz water
11:30 am – 1 scoop ISO whey chocolate protein Thermoxyn with 16 oz water
12:00 pm –¬†Bitternut Squash Beef Stew
6:30 pm – Halibut with mushroom rice
9:30 pm – Cleanse with 16 oz water

Total water for the day: 118 oz

Cals & Macros


Today, Day 3, wasn’t horrible. I was so far beyond tired it didn’t feel like Burn had a chance. I was up on and off throughout the night again (Thanks full moon!) Besides the groggy feeling again and huge brain fog throughout the day, I also had a huge increase in dizzy spells. I have had them before now here and there – from dehydration, lack of food, or just getting up too fast – but in the last 3 days they have increase (I believe) drastically. I’m gonna keep an eye on it and if nothing else I’m going to have to increase my food intake. Speaking of food intake, I wasn’t really hungry today. I had to force myself to eat breakfast, I was a tad bit hungry at lunch, and by 4 (supper) I honestly couldn’t tell if it was hunger pains or what because it was so dull in comparison to my normal hunger – but I KNEW I HAD to be hungry since I’d barely eaten all day. Good news though, my bathroom run, although not solid, only happened once and only a small amount of gas at the end of the day (trust me this isn’t normal even when I’m eating health). ¬†At the end of the day I did start to get hungry, but I was exhausted that I really didn’t care. The lag and no energy was a common theme for me today, not wanting to move off my couch for work or food. So I am sad to report that I did not exercise AGAIN today. I have no real excuses today, I just didn’t. I am really disappointed in myself for that, but there’s no going back to changing it.

Tomorrow is a new day and I’m curious to see what happens next with this diet.